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Strengthening the U.S. Treasuries 市场

美国.S. Treasury 市场 is the largest and most liquid sovereign debt market in the world, with transactions cleared through 存’s Fixed Income 清算 Corporation (FICC) that exceeded $1.5 quadrillion annually in 2022.

目前,你.S. Treasury 市场 activity is split between two disparate clearing processes: bilaterally cleared transactions and centrally cleared transactions via FICC.

Treasuries, which are backed by the "full faith and credit” of the U.S. 政府, are widely held and actively traded by institutional investors, 中央银行, 公司, 个人, and many other private and public institutions. Because the Federal Reserve uses the U.S. Treasury 市场 as a key tool to implement monetary policy and the federal 政府 relies on the sale of Treasuries to finance essential services, the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of these markets is critically important to the strength and stability of the entire U.S. 经济.


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FICC’s Flexible Access
To Central 清算

FICC maintains an open access
approach, with several flexible
membership types eligible for clearing.

Direct Participant

  • 会员
  • CCIT

Indirect Participant

  • 赞助
  • 赞助
  • Agented-Style
    Correspondent 清算)

GSD Fundamentals

US Government Securities is the largest sector of the fixed income market.

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