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NSCC and DTC clear and settle T+1 and same-day (T+0) every business day across multiple counterparties and markets.

Time to settlement equals counterparty risk, and margin requirements, which are designed to mitigate those risks, represent cost to members. The most logical way to reduce the risks that drive margin requirements is to shorten the settlement cycle. In fact, risk model simulations have shown that the Volatility component of NSCC’s margin could potentially be reduced by 41% by moving to T+1, assuming current processing and without any other changes in client behavior.

The values and volumes captured in the T+0 charts exclude DTC deliveries processed with Reason Code 77, as well as CNS and CNS ACATS transactions. 

Using UTC data, data is filtered by: trade date; CNS or non-CNS netting; settlement type of same day (T+0) and next day (T+1); and trades are broken down by dollars and volumes. 

By downloading the data you agree to DTCC’s terms and conditions on this webpage and in the Terms of Use. Download the data here.

DTC Graphs 

NSCC Value Graphs 

NCSS Volume Graphs 

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